Adib Ladki - Royal

High-quality commercial safes Royal

The security characteristics of the Royal series

Type tested and supervised security by ECB•S and VdS: The safety cabinet out of the Royal series meets all requirements that are asked of a good and secure commercial safe. Among other certifications, this safe’s protection against burglary is certified according to EN 1143-1. Ideal usable for your business or the extra value protection at home – the Royal from BURG-WÄCHTER is always the safe choice! From resistance grade IV, the Royal can also be used as a strongbox for cash money.

Extremely sturdy latching

The door of the safety cabinet Royal locks three-sided through enormously strong round (Royal E 512 – E 548) or square bolts (Royal 552 – 558) that are multiply mounted. The bolt system is all-around armoured against forceful opening. No matter what locking system you decide for, it is always specially protected against penetration. The inlying hinges are optimally concealed and therefore additionally aggravate a breaking opening of the door.
Please note that the lock armature with the handle protrudes 65 mm.

Body construction: High resistance against breaking attempts

The body of the commercial safe Royal is three-walled and thus offers an extremely high resistance against attempts of breaking. For the construction, additional fire protective material according to DIN 4102 has been included and the whole body is provided with a specially designed fire fold.
The Royal is prepared fourfold for a sturdy back wall fixation. With the help of the included fixing material, you anchor the safety cabinet firmly in the wall.

The spacious safety cabinet Royal offers a convenient and safe stowage place, especially for business matters. With the interior depth for common sized files, important documents, data, cash money and several files find a safe place.