Adib Ladki - Furniture Fittings

Furniture Fittings

Box Systems
Blum box system offers an impressive range of applications and a wealth of design options
Lift Systems
Blum AVENTOS lift systems bring top quality motion to wall cabinets
Hinge Systems
Cabinet hinges offer high quality, durability and easy assembly as well as perfect movement
Synchronized feather-light glide and 4-dimensional front adjustment
Inner Dividing Systems
Beautifully organize drawer and pull-out interiors. Their design harmonizes perfectly with the various pull-out systems
Assembly Devices
We want to make Blum product assembly as easy and efficient as possible. Suitable assembly devices for all our products
Motion Technologies
Four motion technologies open up infinite possibilities: BLUMOTION, TIP-ON, SERVO-DRIVE, TIP-ON BLUMOTION.