Adib Ladki - About Us


Ets. Adib Ladki is a privately owned company, that was established in 1920 and is currently one of the oldest importers and distributors of quality architectural hardware in Lebanon. Over the last century, we have built a strong reputation as suppliers of architectural hardware offering quality products from international suppliers and distributing them throughout Lebanon to fit decoration, renovation, and construction needs. We are committed to providing exceptional service and sharing our knowledge with our customers. Through the continuous efforts of three generations, we are proud to offer you a wide range of products within the line of architectural hardware with high quality, elegant designs and prices to meet all budgets from leading manufacturers. Our job is to connect our clients with the best brands available on the market. Ets. Adib Ladki carries a wide range of stock lines including: - Security locks and cylinders - Designers handles for doors - Cabinets Hardware for doors, windows & cabinets - Door hinges (brass & stainless steel) - Furniture and kitchen fittings (hinges, lift systems, box systems, drawer runners, castors…) - Sliding Door Systems We import from Italy, Austria, England, Germany, Belgium and China to distribute to hardware retailers, - wholesalers, locksmiths, security door manufacturers, kitchen manufacturers throughout Lebanon. In our showroom we serve architects, interior designers and end-users. Some of the brands we import are: Blum, EVVA, Mandelli, S.A.B., Mariani & C., SOSS, ento, Lilas, Poggi & Mariani, P.C. Henderson, Salice Paolo, König, Burg Wächter…


OUR VISION IS TO CREATE A BETTER AND MORE SECURE LIFESTYLE FOR OUR CONSUMERS. What we most hope to achieve as an organization in the future, is similar to what we have been providing and working on for the past century - development & on-going growth to meet all our customers demands. In our industry, it is vital to keep up with technology as it's a way to ameliorate the consumer's every-day life. For instance, the past decade has witnessed a huge shift in locks product range, as manufacturers introduced key-less solutions to open your door, whether via fingerprint, code or smartphone. Knowing the importance of a lock and how secure it should be, we keep thriving to learn and travel the world to get the best available products on the market. We adapt the same principles for each and every product we sell in order to meet our consumers' highest requirements.


For the good of our environment ! We are proud to represent and be the exclusive agent of one of the companies that care about the environment and make an effort to keep the planet a green place to live. Blum has a long history of efforts to minimize its impact on the environment, reduce waste and recycle as many materials as possible. Measures taken to truly protect the environment have proven beneficial in the long term, not only in lessening the environmental impact but also in improved efficiencies. Materials recycled by Blum: - Scrap metals like steel, copper and aluminum used in manufacturing - Injection molded plastic and zinc die-cast items - All oils used in manufacturing - Corrugated cartons and paper - Unused shrink wrap material - Printer and copier toner cartridges - Computer equipment and cell phones - Aluminum cans and plastic bottles - Light bulbs Other efforts: - All internal material handling is done with reusable plastic or wooden containers - Manufacturing many of our products in the US means reduced transportation emissions (and lower costs) - Batteries, paint and refrigerant are properly handled by companies that specialize in these materials - All lights inside our plants are on timers to conserve electricity.

Another brand that we are our proud to represent in Lebanon is EVVA ! EVVA was awarded the TRIGOS Award for the company’s commitments – one of the most important sustainability awards in central Europe, as well as Environment award 2011.Sustainability creates trust for the future. As a family business, EVVA includes corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its company policies. By corporate social responsibility, we mean actions which meet the needs of today’s generation and which do not put the opportunities of following generations at risk. It is not only a question of defining values, but also of putting them into practice. The three pillars of sustainability at EVVA are: Social welfare, business and environment. Our efforts in recent years have shown that ways of preserving resources and reducing the impact on the environment can be identified anywhere and at any time – even beyond existing, stringent official requirements.