Adib Ladki - Karat collection

The domestic safe Karat with resistance grade 0

Resistant design offers highest security

This safety cabinet Karat is ideally equipped against burglary and enormously aggravates an attempt of forceful opening. The body of the domestic safe is three-walled and the outer surface is of flame-cutting protected stainless steel material.
Prepared for the wall or floor anchoring, the safe can sturdily be assembled with you walls and/or your floor. This allows an extremely high resistance against a forceful removal attempt. You can find one drilling hole on the back wall and one on the bottom for a most sturdy fixation.
The Karat further provides, due to the fire protection material according to DIN 4102-A1 and a fire fold inside of the body, a solid shelter from fire and heat.


Karat – electronic lock - ECB•S certified “SecuTronic” combination lock

The electronic combination lock “SecuTronic” offers one million different code combinations. Due to the intelligent menu-driven operation, up to 10 6-digit user codes and up to 300 optional TSE E-Keys can be administered. Via the optional TSE PC software, user names, access times and rights, calendar options and a lot more can be organised. The lock of this safety cabinet is ECB•S certified (class B/EN 1300) and VdS tested (class 2). With your personal 6-digit code, you can conveniently open and lock the safe. Within the delivery scope, there are two batteries so that you can put the Karat to use immediately. Please note that the lock armature protrudes 16 mm.

Karat - Finger scan - ECB•S certified “SecuTronic” combination lock with integrated finger scan

The programmable electronic combination lock “SecuTronic” developed by BURG-WÄCHTER is standardly equipped with an integrated finger scan module. This offers an extremely fast, convenient and safe option for all, who do not want to carry a key around.
To open the safe door via the finger scan, at least two fingers need to be programmed beforehand. The precise and highly sensitive authentication process operates quickly and in a more than safe way. The scan only authorises “real, live, fingers” – fake fingers and copies are excluded during the authentication. An optimal protection against manipulation.
The electronic lock is ECB•S certified according to EN 1300 (class B), tested by the VdS (class 2) and offers one million code combinations. With the help of the intelligent menu-driven operation, an easy administration of up to ten 6-digit user codes, up to 20 fingerprints and up to 300 optional TSE E-Keys is possible. Via an optional TSE PC software, you can further clearly organise user names, access times and rights, calendar options and other features.
Included are two batteries for an immediate commissioning of your Karat.
Please note that the lock armature protrudes 30 mm.