Adib Ladki - Diplomat – finger scan

The electronic version of the safety cabinet Diplomat

The electronic version of the safety cabinet Diplomat

Double protection: The BURG-WÄCHTER safety cabinets Diplomat offer a more than secure storage for your valuables – additionally they are resistant against fire. With that, your valuable belongings are not only optimally protected against burglary but against fire and heat as well. The Diplomat is ideally usable in your business and for the extra security in your home.

This safety cabinet is type tested, ECB•S/VdS supervised and provides certified protection against burglary according to EN 1143-1. The fireproof safe protects your valuables not only from theft; it also gives shelter from heat and fire.

VdS tested “SecuTronic” combination lock with integrated finger scan module

The electronic lock is VdS tested (according to EN 1300, class 2) and offers one million different code combinations. The intelligent menu-driven operation allows a clear administration of up to ten 6-digit user codes, up to 20 fingerprints and up to 300 optional TSE E-Keys. Via the optional available TSE PC software user names, access times and rights, a calendar options can be administered additionally.
Included are two batteries, so that you can put your safety cabinet Diplomat into operation right away.