Adib Ladki - 3200


3200 - Elitè & Luxury - Liberty & Arabic

Elité and Luxury series are characterized from artisan working typical of Masters Chisellers that for ages enriched and made unique products like hunting guns or jeweller’s wares destined worldwide collectors. Today the fine art of engraving is still trasmitted from father and son.
Refined ornaments of Liberty and Arabic style are marked from the several finishing of the brass plate, but find the maximum exaltation in range Luxurywhere the precise artisian’s silky hands l ovingly place gold powder in different colours that transform a standard and unusual product in a really “piece of art ”.

3200 - Stilè

The idea of making the lock a "piece of furniture", with the highest standards, is our philosophy. This is done by adopting a plate no longer anonymous for all doors, handles all without distinction of style, style and finish, but with its own design that makes the lock an integral part of each door handle, hinge, door stop etc..
The plates from our series of locks Stilè are produced by forging hot brass. They make clear the following stylistic canons similar to the handles from the periods of Mannerism (Italy 1530 - 1580), the First Empire (France from 1805 to 1820) and some examples of 'Style' handles 900. The possibility of getting the plate of the lock in matching finishes highlights, together with decorative elements, the importance of the aesthetic function.